Great News! Custom HeidiSongs Tests Now On ESGI!!!

HeidiSongs Is On ESGI!

Great news!  I am totally honored to announce a new partnership between HeidiSongs and ESGI Software: we have teamed up to create customized tests that match up to my HeidiSongs CD’s and DVD’s EXACTLY at no extra charge for ESGI users.  So that means if you teach with HeidiSongs music, you can quickly and easily check and see how many of those sight words, CVC words, or words from the Sounds Fun Phonics program your kids can read.

HeidiSongs and ESGI's Tests Match!
HeidiSongs and ESGI’s Tests Match! The word list on the DVD above and the word list on the test below are the same, if you choose to use the HeidiSongs Content Tests on ESGI.

All you have to do is open up the ESGI website and call a child over to your computer, laptop, or tablet.  Ask them to read the words that are already programmed into it, and voilá!  View the results instantly from one child, a group of children, or your whole class instantly in the form of easy to read graphs.  You’re done!  That’s it.  Do it on a mobile device, such as an iPad, and you can even do your testing on the run, such as while you wait with your kids to enter the library!  AND, now you know which songs you need to sing the most often to get the best results in the least amount of time.  You also know which words to have the children focus on in small groups or learning centers.  Focused instruction = mastery.

Focused instruction equals mastery! Focus on the specific words, numbers, letters, etc. that you want your students to know and your test scores will go up!
Focused instruction equals mastery! Focus on the specific words, numbers, letters, etc. that you want your students to know and your test scores will go up!  It just makes sense.

Are you as excited as I am?  I’m thrilled!  And if you have not yet heard of ESGI, you are missing out on an AWESOME teaching and time saving tool, so read on and I’ll fill you in.  Below this section on what ESGI is, you will find more details on the new HeidiSongs tests on ESGI.


What is ESGI?
ESGI is subscription software that runs on their website,  It was designed to be used as a time saving testing tool for teachers of young children, such as Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first or second grade.  ESGI is a wonderful time saver for several reasons:
-You don’t need to make (or FIND!) any flash cards for testing.
-You don’t need to write down your testing results anywhere unless you just want to.
-As soon as you are done testing a child, you can see the results laid out for you on a chart:  incorrect responses here, correct responses there.

ESGI Screenshot

-You can edit the results if you think there was any kind of error, or go back and retest anything at any time.

ESGI Test Results Screen Shot Sing and Spell Vol. 2

-Every time you test a child, the date you tested is automatically recorded.  No more trying to remember “when was that???”
-Each time you look at a child’s profile, you can see what has been mastered and what still needs to be tested just by looking at the easy to read pie graphs that come up automatically.  If it’s green, the child has been tested and got it right.  If it’s white, you still have work to do.

ESGI Pie Graphs of Test Results Screen Shot
From this screen shot of ESGI software, I can easily see exactly what has been tested, the testing date, what has not been tested, and what has already been mastered, all at a glance.

-When you are finished testing a child, you can print a customized set of flash cards that is unique to that child.  ONLY the items the child needs are printed.

Here you can see that the flash cards that were printed are the ones that match the test results in the first picture above.
Here you can see that the flash cards that were printed are the ones that match the test results in the first picture above.

-At any time, you can print a customized letter to each parent that details what their child needs to work on and attach it to the flash cards.  You are free to select only the testing items that you wish to include at that time.

 This is an example of a custom parent letter generated by ESGI software.
This is an example of a custom parent letter generated by ESGI software.

More Details About the HeidSongs ESGI Tests
We have a brand new, unique test for each of the products listed below.  All of the tests have the very same words on them that you will find on that particular CD/DVD or workbook.  The products include:

Sing & Spell Volume One CD/DVD:  Words covered are: and, are, can, for, go, have, he, here, is, like, me, my, of, on, play, said, see, she, that, the, they, to, was, with, you.

Sing & Spell Volume Two;  Colors and More Sight Words:  Words covered are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, gray, pink, an, at, big, do, down, has, in, it, no/yes, not, small, this, too, up, we, what, who.

Sing & Spell Volume Three; Even More Sight Words:  Words  covered are: again, away, because, come, could, help, house, how, jump, little, look, make, one, run, should, their, there, they’re, three, to, too, two, want, we’re, were, when, where, who, why, and would.

Sing & Spell Volume Four; Fun Songs for More Sight Words:  Words  covered are:  A (word), all, am, as, be, by, came, dear, did, friend, from, good, had, his, I (word), if, love, made, nice, now, out, over, put, some, then, very, will, and your.

Sing & Spell Volume Five; Number Words and More Sight Words:   Words covered are:  Zero the Hero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, about, around, but, eat, fight, find, funny, get, into, new, ride, please, pretty, saw, say, says, so, under, which.

Sing & Spell Vol. Six; Jammin’ With More Sight Words:  Words covered are: ask, ate, day, does, every, give, going, her, him, just, many, must, no, off, only, our, ran, show, soon, take, them, think, walk, well, went, yes.

 Sound Blending Songs for Word Families CD/DVD & The CVC Word Family Book, Vol. 1:   (Note:  there are two versions of each word family test so that you are not always testing the children on the very same words or sending home the same flash cards that are on the test.)  They are working on adding the words from the CVC Book, Vol. 2.

• Short A (–at), (–an) Family Words:
Nat, bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, pat, sat, vat, Dan, Jan, Nan, can, fan, man, tan, pan, ran, van

• Short E (–eg), (–en), (–et) Family Words:
Meg, beg, egg, leg, Ben, hen, men, pen, ten, jet, net, pet, set, vet

• Short I (–ig), (–in), (–ip), (–it) Family Words:
big, dig, jig, pig, rig, wig, fin, in, pin, win, dip, lip, rip, tip, zip, bit, fit, hit, kit, lit, pit, sit, quit

• Short O (–op), (–ot), (–ox) Family Words:
cop, hop, mop, pop, top, cot, dot, got, hot, pot

• Short U (–ug), (–ut), (–un) Family Words:
bug, jug, lug, mug, rug, cut, gut, hut, nut, shut


 Sounds Fun Phonics CD/DVD & Workbooks:

The comprehensive test includes the following spelling patterns:  sh-, th-, ch-, -unk, -ink, -ing, -ay, -ai, -ee, -ea, -oa, oo, -ar, -or, -er, -ir, -ur, -oy, -oi, -ow, -ou, -aw, -au , -ew, -igh, Bossy E, Vowel Walk (“When two vowels go walking…), Magic Y (“When a Y ends a word with two syllables or more, magic Y makes the sound of the E.”  Examples:  happy, daddy, mommy, silly, funny, etc.)

Then, each of the individual word family tests include the following words below.  These words all appear in the the upper corner of the DVD as the songs are playing, and are in the Sounds Fun Workbooks as well!  I often had my class watch a movie with the sound turned down, just to have them practice reading those words.  We did that after singing and dancing to a song on the DVD.

ESGI now has a test for each of these word lists so that you can see if the children are able to apply their new phonics skills!
ESGI now has a test for each of these word lists so that you can see if the children are able to apply their new phonics skills!  This is the word list from the Sounds Fun Workbook Vol. 1.
Sounds Fun Word List Vol. 2
This is the word list from the Sounds Fun Workbook Vol. 2. ALL of the words from both lists are on the Sounds Fun DVD. (There is only one volume of the DVD, but two volumes of the workbook, because there were too many pages to include in just one workbook.)

And here’s some more GREAT news:  ESGI has also made new tests to go with content designed by DeeDee Wills and Jayne Gammons!!!  So be sure to hop over to their blogs and check out all of their great new ESGI assessments as well! 



I am very thankful to ESGI for this opportunity, and am looking forward to meeting a lot of great new teachers.  Thanks for stopping by!  For those of you that are new to ESGI and want to sign up for a 60 day free trial, just click here.  And if you do sign up for a year’s subscription, use the promo code B7755 for $40 off of your fist year!

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  1. Thank you for creating the assessments to follow your products! You saved us all a lot of time!! The assessments will also be great validation to administration that your products really do work!

  2. I am super excited!!! I use both and love the results. This is so awesome! My students love to sing and move to your songs. They also like ESGI – they want to fill their green circle!! I am sad though, because ESGI is on the chopping block due to budget cuts. BOO HOO!!!!

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