Letter Sounds & Lids Learning Center Freebie

Letters Sounds and Lids Learning Center

Here’s a nice learning center freebie that you can make out of old milk or juice carton lids!  “Beginning Sounds and Twist On Lids” is a great manipulative tool for those students of yours who might be struggling with matching beginning sounds to letters. Screwing the lids on is also great for fine motor skill development!

I adapted this idea from something I saw on Pinterest. This blogger had created a math activity using recycled milk carton lids, and I loved the idea! You can find the original blog here, but I must warn you, it is written entirely in Spanish! I decided to create a similar idea, in which children look at a picture and match up the letter lid with the initial sound of that picture.  It looked like the milk carton materials that the blogger had to work with were a little bit different than what was available to me, so I had to adapt it, of course.  I gave this idea to my wonderful daughter Kimmie and asked her to run with it, and this is what she came up with.  I love it!  Kimmie has just started the teacher credential program.  I am so proud of her!

Letters & Lids Freebie from HeidiSongs

I knew ahead of time that I wanted to try this activity, so I started saving up milk and juice carton lids.  I would suggest that if you want to make one of these, you ask your students’ families to start saving them.  After we would go through a carton of milk at home I was careful to wash it out and cut off the lid and its screw on attachment before throwing the carton away. Once I had enough lids and attachments collected, I used a piece of cardboard for my base and covered it with card stock. I used colored duct tape as a border and I was ready to get started. Next, I attached my folded picture paper to the cardboard using clothespins. Do this first so you can accurately line up your lid attachments with the pictures.  I took all of the pictures from my Alphabet Workbook Vol. 2.  If you want to make more of these, you could get the pictures from there.  Just cut them out and glue them down.

picture page logo

Next, I got ready to glue down my lid attachments. The glue I used is called the “Amazing E6000 Glue”. For tips and information about where to get this glue check out my blog post on How to Make Alphabet Sticker Gems. Line up your lid attachments as well as you can and glue them down.

Letters & Lids

Next, you’ll need to glue some letters onto your lids. My template is just printed with computer paper, but I’m sure that stickers would work well for this also. I glued the letters on using Modge Podge and set them aside to dry.

Once your lids are dry, go ahead and try it out!  All you have to do is fold the papers in half, which makes the whole thing self checking!  When the kids are ready to check their answers, they just flip the paper over and look at the letters on the back!   They check for accuracy, and move on to a new page. We have a variety of picture pages to cover the whole alphabet!

Okay, if you want to try this, here’s your freebie!  There are four pages in this freebie.  If you want to make more pages like this, just take some of the pictures from my HeidiSongs  Alphabet Workbook Vol. 2 and cut them out.  Place them on a sheet as shown above.



For those of you that are not familiar with my music, check out this YouTube sample of one of my songs from Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds to accompany this project!


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