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The Southern California Kindergarten Conference was a sell out- and a huge HIT!  It was an absolute blast!  More than 1400 Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade teachers descended “en mass” on Pasadena on February 28th and March 1, 2014, and basically took over all of the hotels in the area, selling out both the Sheraton Hotel (on site at the Pasadena Convention Center) and the Hilton Pasadena two blocks away, and perhaps a few more that we didn’t even hear about.


This is what it looks like when you unleash 1400 teachers in the largest early childhood "emporium" EVER!

This is what it looks like when you unleash 1400 teachers in the largest early childhood “emporium” EVER!

More Than 1400 Early Childhood Educators Get Together in Pasadena for SCKC!

Yes, 1411 teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals came together in Pasadena to learn and to celebrate everything that is wonderful about early childhood education with SCKC!  They came despite “Rain-mageddon,” (click here for photos!) which was flooding and mudding out many homes in the area and generally making travel miserable or at least difficult.

Pray for Rain

Pray for rain?  Well, YES!  We have been in the midst of a big DROUGHT.  But maybe we should have been a little bit more specific:  Please Lord, send rain, but NOT ALL AT ONCE!


This is a satellite photo of our “Rain-maggedon” storm approaching on Friday morning, Feb. 28, 2014- the first morning of the SCKC Conference.

They came despite the fact that the Convention Center parking lot filled up quickly, and then people had to park blocks away and then get soaked in the rain on the way in.  They even kept coming in to register late on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, despite the fact that the SCKC website said that the conference was full when we reached 1100 a week prior to the conference. But our fearless leader, Channon Morris, saw that there were still tickets available for many sessions, so she went ahead and registered all of the soaking wet, excited teachers that showed up.  The energy that was buzzing around the Pasadena Convention Center was absolutely electric and amazing!  Since Channon managed to pull together a Kindergarten conference with about as many (maybe more!) teachers than a national level conference attracts, and did it all by herself (with no other staff members at all- just volunteers), we have decided that she should probably be selected to run the next Olympics.


Christy Tammy Deanna Jump

This is Tammy Farhit, Deanna Jump, and Christy Button. Tammy and Christy blog at Fluttering Through First Grade, and of course we all probably recognize Deanna Jump of TPT fame! She blogs at Mrs. Jump’s Class!

 Blogger Bash

They came to meet our brand new team of SCKC Bloggers, who prepared a really wonderful Blogger Bash!  The lucky 150 people that registered early enough to attend the Blogger Bash were treated to a great sit down dinner with desert.  (They were probably the only ones in the city that didn’t have to wait hours for dinner!)  And while we ate, each of the bloggers gave a fast and fun overview of her blog, and told us a little bit about how she got started blogging.  Then we had a really great RAFFLE!  Everybody that came got one ticket free, and then were able to purchase more if they wanted.  All of the bloggers prepared a beautiful gift basket with a whole bunch of goodies from their own TPT stores, all prepped and ready to use in the classroom.  Some of the bloggers even bought other supplies, such as books, Pete the Cat dolls, DVD’s, CD’s, and other fun items!  Then we all got to meet each other and take tons of pictures.  It truly was a magical night!  And I was amazed to hear about each of the ladies’ blogs!  I have added all of their blogs to post automatically to my Facebook page, so if you are interested in seeing updates on all of them in one place, just be sure to click “like” and turn on your notifications for my Facebook page.

We are also now collaborating on a Pinterest Board, called “Great Ideas from the SCKC Bloggers.  We are just getting started with that, so follow us and join the fun!


    Imagine a mall filled ONLY with teaching related materials!  THAT'S what everyone was treated to last week at SCKC!

Imagine a mall filled ONLY with teaching related materials! THAT’S what everyone was treated to last week at SCKC!

Fabulous Shopping!

Oh, yes- and they we also SHOPPED.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen so many happy teachers shopping their hearts out!  There were so many great exhibitors there, and so many great, developmentally appropriate, and FUN materials to choose from to enhance the classroom and make a teacher’s life easier- and childrens’ lives better!

Would you like to go next year in 2015?  Then here’s what to do to make sure that you don’t miss a thing:

  1. Sign up for the SCKC Mailing List so that you are notified of their upcoming events.  Don’t worry, they don’t spam people or sell mailing lists.
  2. Put next year’s SCKC Conference on your calendar for February 27th and 28th, 2015!
  3. Just as soon as you see the registration open up, sign up for the Blogger Bash and the Pre-Conference Institute.  These were the events that completely sold out this year- and they sold out EARLY.  Many of the teachers that didn’t get to attend the Bash were pretty disappointed!  Plus, only the people that signed up very early for the Pre-Conference Institute to see Deanna Jump got in.  There was only room for 400 people in the room, and that was it.
  4. If you will need a hotel room to , reserve one early!
  5. Schedule an alert on your calendar app to remind you to do these things if you think you might forget.  That’s how I remember things like that!

And now here is your freebie!  It’s an E-book with links to one freebie from each blogger, plus a little bit of fun information about each one!!  Hadar Maor of Miss Kindergarten put it together for us!  Enjoy!

Meet The SCKC Bloggers

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  1. The Blogger Bash was lots of fun! The first thing my students asked Monday morning was if I had taken a picture with Miss Heidi. Luckily, I already had it on the whiteboard. 🙂 They were very impressed! Thanks for the picture and sharing your talents with so many teachers and students.

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