Upcoming Presentations

Upcoming HeidiSongs Presentations

Workshops by Heidi Butkus
Click here to see a list of Heidi’s workshops!


Here’s a look at a HeidiSongs Conference Presentation!





California Kindergarten Association Conference

Santa Clara, CA




Texas Conference for Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

Austin, TX




SCKC – Southern California Kindergarten Conference

Pasadena, CA



Free Archived SDE Webinars with Heidi Butkus!

Webinar Graphic 3

Using Guided Drawing to Motivate Young Readers and Writers (Grades PreK-2)  (60 Minutes)

Webinar Graphic 4

Music, Movement, and Other Active Learning Techniques (Grades PreK-2)  (60 Minutes)

To find Heidi’s webinar, click on the link and then search for the name of the webinar.  When you have found the correct one, you’ll see Heid’s name and picture with it as well.  You can also access MANY OTHER FREE archived webinars with SDE at the very same link!


Did you know that you can bring Heidi to your school?  Heidi even does short student assemblies for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first graders!  Click here to read more about it!


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  3. I would like to find out more about having Heidi com do a workshop with our district. Please email be back info on this. Thanks, Diana Kroen Consultant at BeevilleISD

    • Hi, Diana!
      I am so sorry that I did not see this comment until today!
      I will contact you via email today. If you do not see it, please check your spam folders, since sometime emails from “.com” addresses wind up there. You may also feel free to call us at our office here at HeidiSongs at (909) 331-2090.

      Thank you so much for your inquiry!

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    • I will be at the NJAKE Conference really soon, and that’s in Cateret, New Jersey on April 5, 2014. That’s as far east as I am going this spring, though! Let your administrators know that I am available for staff development presentations! And if there is a conference that you attend near you, let me know about it- or suggest to the organizers that they bring me out as a speaker.
      Thank you!

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  7. I love all your ideas for projects and resources as well as your songs. I live in AZ but would like to get info on the conference you are speaking at in Pasadena, CA. Can you tell me where I can get the info.

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  18. I am interested in attending your workshop in Oakdale, CA. But was wondering if you do any closer to Sacramento, I live 2hours north of Sacramento and would rather like to make a day of the workshop and not have to stay overnight. thank you

    • Hi, Candice!
      I’m pleased that you are interested in attending the workshop!
      At the moment, I do not have any other workshops scheduled other than what is posted on this “Upcoming Presentations” page. The only other thing that I know of that may come up is that the Granite Bay school district has contacted CKA to have me also come do a workshop at their district. I would assume that it would be the same- that anyone could come… but none of the details have been worked out yet, including when, where, how much, etc. They want it to be sometime next fall, and as long as I have a date available that works for them, I’m sure I’ll go.
      I assume that Granite Bay is closer to you, right?

    • Hi!
      Yes, I have presented at conferences in TX many times! I will be back in Texas again in October, 2015. I’m presenting at KTot on Oct. 9-10 in Houston, TX. Hope to see you there!

  19. Hello Heidi,

    I am a Kindergarten teacher and we use your Heidisongs everyday! Do you know if you will be having a workshop in Florida, preferably the Tampa Bay Area? We would love to take a worshop with you! Please let me know! I am the Kindergarten Lead at my school!
    Thanks!! 🙂

    • Hi, Tammy!
      Oh how nice of you to write! Thank you so much.
      I have nothing planned in the state of Florida, I’m afraid. I actually have very little planned for the next school year because I’m going back to the classroom next year! So at the moment I only am speaking at the Kindergarten Teachers of Texas (KTot) Conference in Houston in Oct., and CKA’s PK1 Conference in Santa Clara, CA in January, 2015, and SCKC in Pasadena, CA in March, 2015. There are a few districts that I am speaking at locally before the school year starts, but they are private events.
      Maybe things will change the coming year? Or maybe you could come to the I Teach K! Conference next summer in 2016? I’ll probably be presenting there again in 2016. This year in 2015, I’m presenting at the I Teach First grade conference instead.

  20. I thought I saw a DVD for Houghton Mifflin Sight Words in the order that they are taught. I got on here today and I don’t see it anymore. Has it been discontinued?

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